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yeah i use 3A vic firth drumsticks i also forgot my snare stand is dw also....

i use 3A vic firth too!!! i started with them because thos are the same one lori plays with :) well my parents are getting it for me for my birthday its not like i can get dw drums or anything..i just want to make sure i have good quality.

I cant use vic firth sticks, well I can but I am not to big on the feel, I only use Easton Aheads, If you give your parents some ideas that may help. You can get a good kit for under 1000 bucks even under 800

So I found this.

Jennifer Ledger
Jennifer, from Coventry, started playing the drums roughly three and a half years ago, following encouragement from her older brother. Following in his footsteps, she joined the church band at the age of 13. At first, she comments, drumming was just for fun, but recently her drum tutor, Simon Alexander, has inspired her to take it further. Now it is not just a hobby, but a huge part of her life!

Jennifer has been involved with several bands and currently fills the seat for no less than three. She was recently involved with a Guinness World Record attempt for endurance drumming along with the other drum students from Nexus Academy. They were successful in drumming for fifty-two hours and fifteen minutes each, smashing the world record. Jennifer commented that she was to find out that she had got into the top forty, let alone the top twelve, as she was not particularly pleased with her DVD! She plans to give her all in this competition and will be using this opportunity in any way that she can.

and found these photos as well from some guy who went to winterjam

^ well thats neat!


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